There never really was any other option for Preston Leatherman. Growing up in Oklahoma and Texas, he always felt at home being in front of people on a stage

Preston packed his small car with only his clothes, two keyboards, a guitar, and a laptop, and made the move to Nashville, TN in the fall of 2011. Quickly finding that he was a small fish in a big pond in a town crawling with talent at every open mic bar within a 25 mile radius, he knew that he would have to be creative in finding a way to stand out. He decided to go with what has made him stand out his entire life…..being himself.

Preston quickly gained world wide attention as his personality and charisma was shown off in the popular YouTube series “Dancing With an iPod in Public”, which in the winter of 2011, saw Preston featured on publications and programs ranging from Good Morning America, Inside Edition, The Daily Mail, CBS News, and countless local television and newspaper publications. This new found attention opened up the world to exploring more of what P

With the collaboration of Nashville producer Brent Hendrich, Preston released his first EP “The Departure” in the fall of 2012. Armed with acclaim and attention for his musical talents on top of his online presence, Preston began touring the country performing for colleges and universities, bringing his unique and of a kind stage presence and performance to students from coast to coast.

“Preston was great. He was the perfect performer for college age students and our noon time concert series”

Tom Ryder – Student Activities Coordinator

Monroe County Community College

“Preston was wonderful! The students loved his ad libs and interaction with them”

Molly Moody

Assistant Director of Programming

University of Nebraska